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E-842) Schools | architectural drawings for Kindergarten

German Kindergarten Designed as a Giant Cat

Kindergarten Die Katze is a children’s school in Wolfartsweier near Karlsruhe, Germany built in the adorable likeness of a giant, white cat. Designed by artist Tomi Ungerer and architect Ayla-Suzan Yndel, the educational venue adds a dose of whimsy for children to take delight in going to school. Each day, students are given the opportunity to playfully enter through the mouth of the cat into the spirited belly of the cuddly feline where the space is built to house 100 children.

The architectural design choice has a level of quirkiness that befits a child’s sense of humor and breadth of knowledge. The building is shaped to mimic a crouching kitty with its ears upright, looking as though it is ready to pounce at any moment. The circular windows at the front of the imaginative architecture serve as the enormous cat’s eyes whereas the tail in the back is actually a slide. Inside the kitty kindergarten, all of the usual amenities are present–classrooms, coatrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and a main hall.