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V-385| 33x30 two story house plans 1700 Sq Ft| 3 bedroom duplex house, tiny house Plan, cottage roof,

V-385| 33x30 two story house plans 1700 Sq Ft| 3 bedroom duplex house, tiny house plan, cottage roof,


* General Notes:

1- The Dimensions and Measurements available in Both Unites (Feet) and (Meters).

2- You will get TWO SETS of Drawings in PDF Files in A3 Paper Size first in (Feet) and Second in (Meters).

3- The Drawings Drawn to SCALE by using Computer and Ready for Instant download.

4- This House plans can be customized, Please Tell us about your desired changes.

5- To View The House Plans in The Metric Dimensions visit our site:


* House Description:

  • Luxury Villa with Flat Roof, Simple Design Simple 3D Perspective.
  • Ground Floor: Lobby, Huge Living Dining Visitors Hall, Kitchen, Toilet, Stair, Terrace.
  • First Floor: 3 Bedroom, 1,5 Bathroom, Small Balcony.
  • Floor Size: 10.00 x 9 Meter, (32.8x 29.50 Feet)
  • Total Built-up Area: 157.5 M2 (1695 sq. ft)
  • GF 82 + FF 75.5 M2 (GF 883+ FF 812 Feet)


* Drawings Description:

The Set of Designs and Drawings in PDF file in A3 Paper Size and its including the Following:

1- Floor plans: (2 No.) Ground Floor and First Floor Shows Horizontal cutaway view for rooms, with the internal and external dimensions and the construction Grid

2- Furniture's Layout: (2 Nos.) Ground Floor and First Floor Shows the Furniture's location and room sizes.

3- 3D Rendering Sketch: (4 Nos.) Monochrome Shows the External View of the house from the Four Corner Sides.

4- Elevations Plan: (2 Nos.) Front and Right Elevation, Shows the exterior views of the house,

5- Sections Plan: (2 No.) Sections A-A and BB- Shows a Vertical cutaway view with dimensions.

6- Roof Deck Plan: Shows air view of the roof, ridges, slopes.

7- Foundation Plan: Shows footing, beams and the construction Grid and dimensions.

8- Copyright Release: to have the Authority to use the Full Set of plans for your Personal Use.


* For Sale: The House plans are Ready in PDF file for Instant download, if you like to Buy them Click the Link: